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Coffee trees grow so well in tropical regions with abundant rainfall, year-round warm temperatures with no frost. An average temperature between 17° C to 23° C with abundant precipitation and good soil conditions for good growth of coffee trees. A coffee plant produces its first full crop of beans at about 5 years old and then remains productive for about 15 years.

Ethiopia is known to be the birth place for coffee. Coffee is the major export commodity cultivated in Ethiopia. Coffee grown in Ethiopia is known all over the world for it excellent quality and flavor. Today, Ethiopia stands as the biggest coffee producer and exporter in Africa and amongst the leading in the world.

Coffee Varieties: The type and grade of coffee is highly diverse in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the producer for the several renowned varieties of coffee including Sidama, Yirgacheffe, Genikaand Harar. Apart from these, there are several other famous varieties that Ethiopia produces. The Ethiopian coffee is processed in two ways, washed processing and the sundried processing.

Pacific Star Impex supplies almost all the coffee verities produced in Ethiopia based on the demand of its customers.